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Master-Cast™ X090 Epoxy Bonding Paste21.728h85DPale greyLong Pot-life epoxy bonding paste for large composites
Master-Cast™ X089 Aluminium-Flled Casting Epoxy126.72h (500g)85DGreyHigh strength & tough epoxy casting resin, very good HDT
Master-Cast™ X088 Epoxy Gelcoat105.62.5h88DPale greyMineral-filled verison of Master-Cast™ X026
Master-Cast™ X086 Flame Retardant Epoxy21.681h85DPale strawFlame-retardant laminating epoxy
Master-Cast™ X085 Casting Epoxy2.52.874h85DAmberHigh-temp slow gel casting epoxy
Master-Cast™ X084 Epoxy Resin63.124h88DGreyFlame-retardant version of Master-Cast™ X024
Master-Cast™ X083 Epoxy Resin21.73h85DAmberSlow casting epoxy with good HDT
Master-Cast™ X082 Epoxy Resin21.6670m84DNatural/ClearClear casting epoxy
Master-Cast™ X081 Epoxy Resin Gelcoat106130m (5mm)90DPale GreyGlass-filled epoxy gelcoat
Master-Cast™ X079 Sprayable Epoxy3.62.580m88DBeigeEpoxy for application by spray method
Master-Cast™ X078 Concrete Repair Epoxy21.644h84DBeigePrimer/Repair compound for concrete
Master-Cast™ X077 Epoxy Resin63.54h88DPale GreyGlass-filled version of Master-Cast™ X024
Master-Cast™ X053 Epoxy Resin21.724h (1kg)85DBeigeHigh build laminating resin
Master-Cast™ X049 Epoxy Resin21.6955m85DNatural/ClearLow viscosity version of Master-Cast™ X047
Master-Cast™ X048 Epoxy Resin21.734.5h85DNatural/ClearLow viscosity, slow version of Master-Cast™ X020
Master-Cast™ X047 Epoxy Resin21.6955m85DNatural/ClearFast cure version of Master-Cast™ X020
Master-Cast™ X038 Epoxy Resin21.73h85DAmberTough Laminating epoxy
Master-Cast™ X037 Epoxy Resin106.15120m88DOff-whiteFlame-retardant version of Master-Cast™ X011
Master-Cast™ X036 Epoxy Resin1.2118h84DNatural/ClearFlower setting epoxy
Master-Cast™ X026 Epoxy Resin Gelcoat12.57.05130m (5mm)90DGreyAluminium-filled epoxy gelcoat
Master-Cast™ X024 Epoxy Resin63.124h88DGreyAluminium-filled tooling epoxy, high temperature.
Master-Cast™ X020 Epoxy Resin21.7485m84DWaterClear laminating epoxy. Tough, good wetting.
Master-Cast™ X016 Epoxy Resin4.444h85DWaterWater-clear casting epoxy, requires postcure (40-50°C)
Master-Cast™ X011 Epoxy Resin85.31120m88DLight GreyMineral filled, low shrink, fast catalyst available

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