Ratio by Wt.

Ratio by Vol.

Gel Time




Master-Cast™ E157 PU Elastomer0.40.4312m85ABrownSlower version of Master-Cast™ E135, 130°C working temperature
Master-Cast™ E152 Cartridgeable PU Elastomer0.9112m 30s60ANaturalSlower version of Master-Cast™ E030
Master-Cast™ E144 PU Elastomer11.0540m60AAmberSlow-gel version of Master-Cast™ E139 Mould-making elastomer
Master-Cast™ E143 95A RIM Elastomer2.52.8370s95ANatural95A Elastomer for RIM applications - Very tough & strong
Master-Cast™ E139 PU Elastomer11.057m60AAmber60A Fast-gel Mould-making elastomer
Master-Cast™ E138 PU Elastomer0.10.110m85AAmber85A Version of MCE133/Slow
Master-Cast™ E133 PU Elastomer             - Fast0.10.0920m75AAmber75A version of Master-Cast™ E131
                                                                    - Slow0.10.0940m75AAmber
Master-Cast™ E132 PU Elastomer21200m40AWaterLow hardness doming resin
Master-Cast™ E131 PU Elastomer0.250.2740m60AAmberImproved properties version of Master-Cast™ E003
Master-Cast™ E124 PU Elastomer0.170.1720m80AStrawSlow gel version of Master-Cast™ E065
Master-Cast™ E116 PU Elastomer2.73.1430m85ABlackUV stable version of Master-Cast™ E005
Master-Cast™ E109 PU Elastomer0.91145s85ANaturalCartridgeable, sprayable, elastomer
Master-Cast™ E094 PU Elastomer22.5715m95ANatural2-Part PU Primer
Master-Cast™ E083 PU Elastomer0.92120m85ABlackSlow-gel, cartridgeable non-thixotropic 85A elastomer
Master-Cast™ E077 PU Elastomer11.042h50ANaturalLower viscosity version of Master-Cast™ E060
Master-Cast™ E076 PU Elastomer1212.612hGelClearBottle-filling medium for visual effects
Master-Cast™ E075 PU Elastomer0.92145s (10g)50ANaturalSoft flexible cartridgeable
Master-Cast™ E073 PU Elastomer0.89145s (10g)70ANaturalSoft flexible cartridgeable
Master-Cast™ E071 PU Elastomer0.9216m (40g)75ANaturalCartridgeable non-thixotropic elastomer
Master-Cast™ E069 PU Elastomer0.9216m (20g)75ABlackCartridgeable thixotropic elastomer
Master-Cast™ E065 PU Elastomer0.170.1710m80AStrawMoisture tolerant, low shrink, high wear, faster cure version of Master-Cast™ E124
Master-Cast™ E039 PU Elastomer65.3530m75ABlackSlow gel version of Master-Cast™ E020
Master-Cast™ E036 PU Elastomer1.751.5810m85ABlackFlame retardant
Master-Cast™ E035 PU Elastomer65.1611m73AGreyAluminium filled, good heat conduction
Master-Cast™ E030 PU Elastomer0.91135s (10g)60ANaturalSoft flexible cartridgeable elastomer
Master-Cast™ E025 PU Elastomer11.1510m58ANaturalRe-enterable encapsulant
Master-Cast™ E020 PU Elastomer65.3518m78ABlackSlow gel version of Master-Cast™ E012
Master-Cast™ E012 PU Elastomer65.3510m78ABlackFast gel version of Master-Cast™ E020
Master-Cast™ E005 PU Elastomer2.163.4230m85ABlackFlame retardant, excellent hydrolysis resistance

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