Ratio by Wt.

Ratio by Vol.

Tack-Free Time

Free-Rise S.G.



Flexible Foams
Master-Cast™ EF033 Flame-Retardant Foam2.42.75m0.19NaturalFlame-retardant version of Master-Cast™ MCEF022
Master-Cast™ EF032 Flexible PU Foam22.135m0.12NaturalVersion of Master-Cast™ EF010 for large castings
Master-Cast™ EF031 Flexible PU Foam22.135m0.12NaturalHigher-blow version of Master-Cast™ EF010
Master-Cast™ EF029 Sprayable Flexible Foam0.9114m0.12NaturalSprayable soft PU foam
Master-Cast™ EF027 Flexible PU Foam1.512.5m0.045NaturalVery soft high blow foam
Master-Cast™ EF025 Flexible PU Foam22.1325m0.12NaturalSoft version of Master-Cast™ EF010
Master-Cast™ EF023 Flexible PU Foam5.56.2215m0.12NaturalThixotropic foam for TV and Film
Master-Cast™ EF022 Flexible PU Foam2.42.75m0.19NaturalMedium blow Intergral-skin foam
Master-Cast™ EF010 Flexible PU Foam22.135m0.12NaturalVery soft moulding foam
Master-Cast™ EF002 Flexible PU Foam33.662m0.2NaturalSelf-skinning flexible foam
Rigid Foams
Master-Cast™ RF021 Rigid PU Foam0.750.867m (50g)0.12BeigeDuct-sealing rigid PU foam
Master-Cast™ RF013 Sprayable Rigid PU Foam0.85120s (50g)0.13NaturalRigid PU Foam for spray application
Master-Cast™ RF010 Semi-rigid PU Foam0.89160s (50g)0.13BlackSemi-rigid cartridgeable foam
Master-Cast™ RF009 Rigid PU Foam0.9160s (50g)0.13WhiteRigid cartridgeable foam
Master-Cast™ RF007 Rigid PU Foam0.50.6160s (50g)0.03BeigePackaging & void-Filling foam
Master-Cast™ RF006 Rigid PU Foam11.28m (50g)0.17BeigeLong cream-time version of Master-Cast™ RF001
Master-Cast™ RF005 Semi-rigid PU Foam0.7713m (50g)0.17BeigeSemi-rigid cartridgeable foam
Master-Cast™ RF003 Rigid PU Foam11.27m (50g)0.07BeigeGeneral purpose moulding foam
Master-Cast™ RF002 Rigid PU Foam11.28m (50g)0.12BeigeGeneral purpose moulding foam
Master-Cast™ RF001 Rigid PU Foam11.28m (50g)0.17BeigeGeneral purpose moulding foam

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