Ratio by Wt.

Ratio by Vol.

Gel Time




Ultra-Cast™ 10/50 PU Elastomer33.55-10m50ANaturalHigh performance, general purpose moulding. Room temperature cure, polyols remain liquid at ambient temperatures
Ultra-Cast™ 10/65 PU Elastomer2.92.475-10m65ANatural
Ultra-Cast™ 10/75 PU Elastomer2.42.985-10m75ANatural
Ultra-Cast™ 10/80 PU Elastomer2.12.455-10m80ANatural
Ultra-Cast™ 10/85 PU Elastomer1.92.285-10m85ANatural
Ultra-Cast™ 10/95 PU Elastomer1.51.795-10m95ANatural
Ultra-Cast™ 15 3-Part PU Elastomer SeriesDepends on HardnessDepends on HardnessDepends on Hardness50A to 95ANaturalSimple 3-components give range of high performance PU elastomers
Ultra-Cast™ E134 PU Elastomer33.512m50ANaturalUltra-Cast™ 10/50 Water Board approved (Formerly known as Ultra-Cast™ E089)
Ultra-Cast™ E127 PU Elastomer2.42.9840-50m75ANaturalSlow Ultra-Cast™ 10/75
Ultra-Cast™ E099 PU Elastomer1.51.7970m95ANaturalSlow Ultra-Cast™ 10/95
Ultra-Cast™ E088 PU Elastomer33.52h50ANaturalVery slow Ultra-Cast™ 10/50
Ultra-Cast™ E078 PU Elastomer22.1530m85ANaturalSlow gel version of Ultra-Cast™ E045
Ultra-Cast™ E063 PU Elastomer1.92.2875m85ANaturalVery slow gel version of Ultra-Cast™ 10/85
Ultra-Cast™ E061 PU Elastomer1.51.85-10m95ANaturalNon-silicone version of Ultra-Cast™ 10/95
Ultra-Cast™ E054 PU Elastomer2.12.435-10m80ANaturalNon-silicone version of Ultra-Cast™ 10/80
Ultra-Cast™ E053 PU Elastomer1.51.795-10m95ANaturalLow extractables version of Ultra-Cast™ 10/95
Ultra-Cast™ E045 PU Elastomer22.1511m85ABlackFlame retardant version of Ultra-Cast™ 10/85
Ultra-Cast™ E040 PU Elastomer1.92.2825m85ANaturalSlow gel version of Ultra-Cast™ 10/85

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